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The Hero's Journey: A Mindful Accord Podcast

Apr 20, 2018

Greg Burdulis is a former Chaplin and Buddhist Monk who spent eight years in intensive silent meditation practice in Burma.  After returning to the States to see his dying father, Greg decided to set down the robes and pick up some business books and started his consulting practice to help companies embrace and learn meditation and mindfulness practices for their employees.  Also, has a private mindfulness practice The Power of Presence where he coaches individuals and groups in a variety of mindfulness practices and methods.  He is currently working on a new project called Monk and Shrink, which is a pioneering company that combines ancient meditation practices and modern Psychiatry through discrete and interactive online programs to treat depression and other distressing disorders. 

I first heard about Greg when I saw a YouTube video from a Ted X conference in Boulder CO.  I was so moved by his talk that I felt compelled to call him and speak with him.  We have since become friends. 

The fascinating aspect of Greg’s journey is that although he spent several years as a monk and has spent countless hours meditating and practicing mindfulness techniques he has had a lifelong struggle with depression.  He is a fascinating person when you hear him speak you will feel the compassion coming through your speakers and headphones.